I’m sure a lot of people are waiting for this moment (Including myself). Porsche has been announcing that it will build a successor to it’s current hyper car for years. According to Porsche’s global chief, Oliver Blume, one of Jerry Seinfeld’s favorite cars will evolve in 2025. The Porsche 918 Spyder as we know it, is a extravagant machine. It is a masterpiece that has maintained a ground breaking record at the “Green Hell”, the Nurburgring. This car has been legendary since its birth and I have no doubt that the next generation model will possess some extreme technology. Pricing for the current model started at close to the $900,000 range and surpassed $1 Million soon after for the used models, if you like to invest, make sure you’ve got some bank on you by 2025 as the new model may just start at well above $1 Million. But be prepared to see the price sky rocket soon after. Cheers!

Image by big-ashb