If you’re smart with your money and like to invest, Canopy Growth Corp (TSE:WEED/CGC) may be a golden opportunity right now. The gold rush is over and through with, its not now time for the “Green Rush”. If you haven’t been living under a rock for the past 10 years, you should know by now that the Marijuana industry has been growing like the way a mans you know what grows at the sight of seeing a sexy lady, QUICK! From medicinal purposes to recreational, laws have been passing like crazy legalizing marijuana in plenty of states although most for medical purposes only, some states have legalized it for the recreational communities as well. People can now smoke week legally in some states and I would not be surprised if many of the other states legalize it for recreational use pretty soon, I mean states love tax dollars, why not make more right? Think about it, if over half the states or even a few more states legalize marijuana for recreational uses, the industry would boom like the gold rush, we are talking about new dispensaries opening up all across the U.S. and don’t leave out the number of new companies that will form to make and sell products such as weed chips, candy, snack bars and so much more out of the equation. All of that plus things I have not even mentioned could equal to some serious DOUGH and if you want to capitalize on that you would want to go with the best company that is in the game at this moment, Canopy Growth Corp. They started fresh in mid 2016 at a stock price of around $2 and are already up almost 6 times that, as of today the stock price is $11.08 which should be jumping up very soon with a market cap of almost $2 Billion! They will be the first marijuana stock to join the S&P/TSX composite. Go buy this stock, you can thank me later. Cheers fellow Scoopers!

Image by Tax Credits