The M6 has been crushing the German coupe segment for years now, Mercedes was planning to put an AMG variant of its E-Class Coupe into production but sources are saying that it might not happen. We know that we have all been wanting to see an E-Class coupe on steroids for quite some years now. The M6 has had it easy for far too long as it didn’t have much competition to deal with. Sure, there’s the Porsche 911 Turbo and the Nissan GT-R, but we all know that they is already some sort of strange love these 2 cars have for each other to the point that they don’t like to look at the M6, plus they would completely destroy the M6 on the track. The M6 needs some real competition and Mercedes or Audi should step in the game with an E63 AMG Coupe and S7 Coupe, come on you German giants, you know that people would happily pay the price for one of those. Mercedes is however, planning to launch what they call the E50 AMG Coupe, it will have over 400 horsepower and around 369 lb-ft of torque, but even the current generation BMW 650i surpasses those figures. Come on Benz, you know you have the resources, you to Audi!

Image by Falcon® Photography