It seems as if Meek Mill is now after Kylie Jenner. He has been all over Kylie’s Social Media pages liking just about everything. It definitely seems like he is trying to get her attention, but will she notice? And will he be able to adjust? I mean the curves on his ex, Nicki Minaj, are in a totally different dimension compared to those of Kylie. I think Meek should chill out and he should go hunting elsewhere. Kylie in Tyga are not on good terms at this time but Tyga sure does know how to get back into Kylie’s life for sure, I mean look at his track record. Personally I think Kylie would do better with Drake or even Justin Bieber, and I am sure some of you might have a good match up in mind for Kylie as well, I don’t really see a future for Kylie and Tyga, share and let us know what your thoughts are.

Image by Disney | ABC Television Group