The Nissan GT-R has been tearing it up for years now without a major new model update. Recently Nissan gave its GT-R some updates such as a revised bumper and grill as well as some interior updates. But besides the cosmetic, interior and some performance updates nothing much has really changed. Even with all of the new performance updates, the car still does 0-60 and quarter miles in times that are very competitive with the GT-R that first came out back in the late 2000’s. Sure, the car is awesome and even modern day newly designed cars have a hard time on the track with the older GT-R. The Honda/Acura NSX recently was defeated by the GT-R and in some tests it beat the GT-R, however, the NSX is a new car that just recently launched and the GT-R has been out for almost 10 years now.

New details are emerging stating that the next generation GT-R is not far from production, and will most likely come with hybrid technology! So far for the NSX right? The NSX is a nice hybrid car that struggles to keep up with the current GT-R, just imagine how fast the next GT-R will be, the possibilities are endless. I have a feeling the top dogs at Porsche, Ferrari, and Lamborghini will be taking notice, as the current GT-R already had them worried much back in 2009.

Let us know what you think below in the comments section, should these other automakers be worried about Nissans next generation of Godzilla?

Image by Maurizio Cefariello