Why do we die? This is a question that many of us have thought of before. There are numerous answers to this question. First there is religion, for instance, the Bible states that Adam and Eve had committed a sin against God (Genesis 3:17) so they were both punished with death. Since we are descendants of Adam and Eve, we have to share their fate. According to the Quran, life is a test which ends with death. The Quran states that every soul shall have a taste of death and that God will test you by good and evil by way of trial (Quran 21:35). Christianity and Islam both share this vision for the judgement day, all tests must eventually be graded. If one passes the test, they will have Heaven, if one fails, they are doomed with Hell.

Buddhism and Hinduism both state that once this life (test) is over, we will be reincarnated after death. Once one passes the test, they will be given another life in this world. What changes? The quality of life will change depending on how well you did on your test, if one did above and beyond, they would have more enlightenment and would be released from all suffering of this world. If one shall fail, they will come back to suffer instead.

According to Science, we die because our cells eventually die. Billions of cells in our body die each and every day after they have done their work. Scientist have been extending lives of flies and other species through a bunch of genetic modifications and technology, they may even one day be able to extend out lives as well.

Which explanation of death do you guys like better, if any? Let us know in the comments about how you feel and which reason you think is most accurate and why?

Image by Hubble ESA