A small manufacturer, Gourmia, has a new breakthrough for those who love to cook at home. They are offering a new line of countertop fryers that will have Wi-Fi and built in cameras so that people who do most of their cooking at home are able to watch their food get cooked on a smart device, such as a phone or tablet. Prices are pretty reasonable at $150 for their FryHigh Auto Rotisserie Multi-Fryer and $180 for their Free Fry 360 Degree Turbo XP Air Fryer with Wi-Fi. Another cool thing  you may do with this product is live demonstrations of how cooked food should look like and even more. I wonder if we will have toasters and frying pans with cameras as well. I am craving some rotisserie now, YUM! so I will have to wrap this u soon. You may purchase either of these products on Gourmia’s Amazon store. Enjoy!

Tell us what you think about this product. Would it be useful for the everyday mom or cooking shows, or is it just another product that isn’t that useful?