Tesla, the electric car giant, is about to discontinue its cheapest model that is currently for sale, the Tesla Model S 60 and the Tesla Model S 60D, which start at arounf $68k. Both cars offer a 60kWh battery and Tesla plans to stop selling them by April 16th of this year. The reason why Tesla is doing this is because a great number of customers who originally purchased one of the two models eventually paid and upgraded their batteries to a 75kWh battery, seems fair enough. Why keep selling a car which customer will end up updating anyway right? Its more convenient and makes more sense to just sell the model that customers would actually like to own, as that eliminates any issue a customer may have. Tesla has had enough time to figure this out and customer feedback really helped them here. Good job Tesla.

Any customer who buys one of the two models before the 16th of April will have the ability to upgrade via an over the air update.

Image by Maurizio Pesce