Think about it for a second, how would you behave if it were the last day of your life? How much different would your day be? Would you be nicer to people and treat elders with more respect? Would you start talking to a sibling or friend that you stopped talking to over whatever reason it was? Spend more time with family? What would be some things you would stop doing that you currently do in your life and what would be some new things that you would start doing? These are just a few questions I would like to ask and for you to think about.

Done thinking? Feel that you could be a better person? Now, we all know that life will not end today. But isn’t it nice to know how you can change the way you are living right now and improve your life by changing your behavior towards others and being a better person in general? Would you still care so much about the small things that you care about now? I am no one to tell you what to do, but I would like everyone to improve the quality of their lives, and if this is the question that will make you think hard and figure out how you would REALLY be and probably change the way you live for the better, than why not?

I would like to see a better world, I am not saying that the world sucks or that it is terrible, in fact I think the world is amazing and great. But I also think and know for sure that this world can be a better place than the amazing world it already is. I hope this helps wake a few of you up, and even if a few of you change for the better, that means that the world has become a little better. So lets bring out the best in us and the world at the same time and make the world even better than it already is! Not so hard after all, if you think about it. You may have more power than you think. Cheers!

Image by Christopher Michel