Reza Zadeh, a professor over at Sanford University has developed a new AI technology which could be very useful to many people. The new startup, Matroid, will enable anyone to trace who and what appears on their videos. This technology would allow companies such as Apple or Microsoft to detect how many times a Macbook or Surface Pro is shown in a video. It could be very beneficial to any company that would like to know how many times a product of theirs is shown during a video.

It will also help anyone else who would like to see something specific show up in a video such as a hat or gun. Anyone can simply write a filter and set it up to see what they would like to and save hours by not having to go through the whole video. For example, if you want to see how many times Donald Trump appears on T.V., you can simply write the filter to set it to point out Trump and watch the magic happen.

Is this something that could be very useful? It may, but mostly for big companies, such as advertisement companies who seek to see the reaction of drivers passing by huge billboards. Or even for the police, as it would allow them to see how officers respond to a person holding a weapon.

Let us know what you think in the comments section. Will this be the next big thing in surveillance or just another tool?

Image by Dominic Alves