For many weeks, people have been finding out about a bitcoin fork that was supposed to take place to resolve scaling issues, its ability to handle the rising number of transactions. This fork can cause bitcoin to be split into 2 different coins which could be a good or a very bad thing. No one can say what would happen to the price after August 1st. But if anyone has bitcoin they should transfer their btc into a paper wallet, which is the safest bet for now. Here is some recent information that may help some get a grasp of whats going on and do what is right:

  • It seems that the split will not happen in August 1st, though, it may happen in the coming months.
  • Keep your coins in a wallet that you have full control over.
  • Even though a compromise seems to be successful for now, anything can happen soon, so be careful.
  • The more we get closer to August 1st, the more we will find out about what will happen about the upgrade and everything else.
  • Bitcoin price is going up slowly, for now, but don’t go all in right now because anything can happen.


Image by: Jason Benjamin