RSGPcoin (RSGP) is a new coin that was listed on just yesterday, July 19th. It was already in the top 10 on the trending gain list, and perhaps the only new coin that was on the top 10 gain list. What is special about this coin? Not only is it probably the only new coin that is worth over $25 USD, but this coin has a supply of only 2,149 coins. It is currently traded on and will be on other exchanges pretty soon. This coin can be staked at 5% annually and would not hit max supply of 400k+ coins for 30-40 thousand years, so it will remain extremely limited in our life time. RSGPcoin can also be exchanged for Runescape gold, which is very valuable to millions of gamers out there.

For investors, now is the time to invest in this coin, even if you do not play the game, it is worth the investment because the purpose of investing is not playing the game, but to make a fortune. Coca-cola investors probably do not even drink coke, yet they invest. Bill Gates does not play XBOX or XBOX ONE, yet his company makes this product to sell. Why? Because when demand is there, there is money to be made.

Grab a piece of that 2,149 coin supply before it goes up and hold it, it is still new and is going to be growing every week. As soon as this coin is available on more exchanges, the price is going to rocket. Anyone who has studied economics knows that when Supply<Demand it will make them a fortune.

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